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Keeping Passengers Safe with the Land Rover Exhaust System

If you think that the muffler is what makes up the exhaust system, then think again for it is not. The Land Rover exhaust system is actually a series of pipes that run under your car. These pipes are actually connected to your muffler as well as to your catalytic converter.

One of the foremost functions of the Land Rover exhaust system is to actually control the noise of your engine. It also functions to funnel and channel the exhaust fumes away from the Land Rover’s passengers. After all, these fumes are really harmful to a person’s health. The latter is the very reason why people actually look at the Land Rover exhaust system to be like a chimney mounted on top of the house. Just like the Land Rover exhaust system, a house’s chimney directs any by products and waste from burning fuel away from the people inside. The chimney takes away the fumes from the embers burning in the fireplace below. On the other hand, the Land Rover exhaust system, routes gases that the car considers to be waste away from the passenger compartment by take these gases from the engine to the rear of the car. Then, in the rear, these gases are thrown to the wind outside, thus keeping everybody inside the car safe from the harmful fumes. You see, these gases actually contain carbon monoxide. And if you have been quite well informed, you would know that this gas is actually very harmful and hazardous to a person’s health and it also could poison people especially if taken-in in large amounts. Check out the huge inventory of Used Porsche

Aside from taking away these gases from the passenger compartment, the Land Rover exhaust system also converts pollutants. From being very hazardous, the Land Rover can actually change them into becoming something less harmful. Some even of the exhaust gases are directed to other parts of the car’s different systems for some gases can actually still be used so as to heat the air and fuel.

What makes up the Land Rover exhaust system? The key and major components of this system are the exhaust pipes, the exhaust manifold, the catalytic converter, the muffler, the resonator, and the tail pipe.