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shark blue porsche

Shark Blue is one of the many eye-catching colour schemes that Porsche has accumulated over the years. Icons like Riviera Blue, Miami Blue, Gulf Blue, Mexico Blue, and more continue the brand’s love affair with blue hues. Porsche GT boss Andreas Preuninger explains the inspiration behind the colour.

Shark Blue is Inspired by a Superyacht

Porsche unveiled a new colour for its 911 GT3 sports car: Shark Blue. It was inspired by a superyacht that Porsche GT manager Andreas Preuninger saw in Sardinia while on vacation. He took a picture of the yacht’s hull and decided to apply that colour to his car.

The blue colour comes from a shark’s body, which is agile and lean. It also got its name from the blue colour of the ocean. In Latin, Glauca means blue. The Shark Blue Porsche is a very striking car. The luxury superyacht is influenced by the car, but how did it get its name?

It’s not the only car with a shark-inspired colour scheme. An entire community of Porsche colour enthusiasts has dedicated Instagram accounts and blogs. The taste of Porsche owners varies from continent to continent. While metallic red is hot in East Asia, beiges are popular in the U.S. The challenge is keeping abreast of the latest Porsche colour trends; some people make a living from it. Click here to view the best inventory of Used Porsche

The Shark Blue Porsche is a boat-inspired design inspired by a superyacht. It was developed by Studio F.A. Porsche, which also designed Porsche supercars and Porsche dental chairs. Despite the similarities, the shark-inspired design is quite distinct and will catch the attention of superyacht enthusiasts.

shark blue porsche

It Isn’t a No-cost Colour Option

Shark blue is a colour option available for the Porsche 911 GT3, which debuted in 2008. Porsche colour expert Andreas Preuninger came up with the inspiration for the Shark Blue paint colour while on vacation. The colour highlights the Porsche 911’s sleek body lines and contrasting black trim.

Porsche offers a range of standard colours. The car comes in 20 different shades. But you can choose any colour if you like to go all out. Shark blue is not an option that comes with no extra cost. 

It Isn’t a Premium Colour

Porsche isn’t selling its Shark Blue 911 GT3 for a premium price. It’s not even available for American buyers. But, in a press release, the company shows the colour of the interior of the Porsche GT3. The car features matching seat belts and stitching. Although the colour may not be a premium colour, it adds a certain luxury to the car.

Porsche does offer more than 20 standard colours. These include a beautiful shark blue with black accents. If you don’t like the blue shark look, you can choose a more neutral colour like red or brown. If you aren’t happy with the standard colour, you can always request a custom one. Just remember to bring a colour sample with you.

Shark Blue 911 GT3 Interior


With Porsche unveiling a new Shark Blue colour for its 911 GT3 sports car, it seems that this luxury automobile manufacturer is not done surprising us with its unique and eye-catching designs. Though the inspiration for this particular hue may have come from an unlikely source – a superyacht – the result is sure to turn heads on land or sea. So if you want to make a statement with your ride, consider adding Shark Blue to your options!